Tips to attract Millennials to your Small Business

Millennials have gotten some bad press over the years, particularly in relation to business matters. But… These are high-value customers you absolutely want to attract to your business.

The first thing to understand about millennials is that most of them aren’t kids anymore. They’re full-grown adults. While there’s no official start date for the millennial generation, I`ll say anyone between 19 and 35 as of this year.

These are people who are well underway with all the trappings of adult life. By their late twenties, many people have gotten married, even started a family. They might have seen a few promotions at work, too. Some of them will be in mid or possibly even upper management.

Be mobile-friendly

They’ve got the buying power (an estimated $2.45 trillion in 2015) also.

So here’s a few tips:

1) Be mobile-friendly.

Could not stress more the need and the road to get when it come to future tech. If you remember only one thing from this article, remember this: Millennials are mobile users. They are so heavily mobile-centric that one in five of them accesses the internet exclusively through mobile.

This means your website has to be mobile-friendly. But you also need to be present on the major mobile apps and websites millennials use.

2) You gotta be on Facebook.

There is no way around it. Like it or not. Millennials expect businesses to be on Facebook. Even local businesses – even tiny businesses. If you’ve got anything more than a food truck, you should have a Facebook page.


3) Get reviews.

Reviews are more important than any other piece of information for this group. Millennials rely on them heavily when they’re deciding whether or not to use a business.

A study from BrightLocal found that 97% of 18-34-year-olds  read online reviews to judge a local business.

4) Use discounts and coupons. 

Blame student loans if you want, but millennials tend to be thrifty. They love deals and discounts. Pair this with their love of mobile, and their heavy use of Facebook, and you might want to try out a few Facebook deals to see if you can hook them.

5) Millennials like businesses with a mission.

87 percent of millennials believe “the success of a business should be measured in terms of more than just its financial performance.” Contributions to society and the world are at the top of that list.

Partner with local non-profits to get the word out about your company. Events are particularly good, as they generate social media content and attention.

6) Millennials like businesses that are good to their employees.

Be aware that millennials are watching how you treat your employees. Being good to your employees will cause millennials to view your business more favorably.

7) Use email.

For awhile, there was a perception that email was too “old-school” for millennials. Recent researches show that millennial men and women prefer email messages over any other type of marketing communication when they’re on the go.

In many ways, millennials are predisposed to favor local businesses.

Enhance your business by partnering with other local businesses and causes, and by being good to your employees. Then share what you’re doing on social media and your website.

This assumes, of course, that you’ve got a website and it’s mobile-friendly.


We can help in that part by making your website, mobile -friendly, and showcasing it on social media world. Just let us know via e-mail or contact us on the phone and contact form provided.

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