How to create a Foolproof Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media is ever-changing. Feels like you blink and the “kids” are into some new platform, chatting about some new trend.

Generally you most probably fall into one of the two categories: you either have no idea where to start with social media and you are looking for the magic potion to make it worth your time, or you have put in the time, but aren’t seeing the results you so desperately want. Either way we are here to tell you there are options to get you off the stand-still and on the right path.

How to get started?


1. Know your customers.

Before you even begin to put wheels in action is important to know your people. Identify your ideal client or future customer. Once you figured that out, you must look into where they like to spend their time online. Don’t be afraid to make a survey or ask direct current clients. Is it Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest? Don’t assume. Make a chart for your specific clients for easy reference.

2. Set goals and start planning.

Before you trow out there campain headlines and post random ideas, start making yourself a list of intentional goals. Maybe you start by just committing yourself with a certain number of posts per month? Or get bolder and commit to make a number of sales using only social media? Regardless of your goals write them down and start holding yourself accountable. Use our social media worksheet weekly plan free draft to download so you can start your planning immediately.

3. Start small

Business is not a sprint but a marathon. So you have first to steam to keep going. Don’t be afraid to start small. It is not about overwhelming changes. This is about taking one baby step at a time. Do one thing consistently. Once you master it, add to it.

4. Delegate as necessary

Cannot stress this enough. Delegate! Let go of that “I am the boss and wanna do everything myself” or worse “I don’t need help, I can do it myself!”. The kind of attitude, from otherwise great entrepreneurs, that was, it is and always will be the death bed of every business. You can’t do everything alone. Ask for help. Delegate.

5. Daily ritual

Once you have your strategy nicely put together you must start applying it. Everyday. Make it natural for you time-wise to avoid future headaches.  Use tools to help you swim at ease in the social media ocean. Check this list for efficient tips and tools to speed up your work.

6. Track your results

Once the wheel starts speeding you need to see what is and isn’t working. Check out the various build in analytic tools for the various social mediums you use. Keep tabs on your referrals on Google Analytic. (Familiarize yourself with Google Analytic or…exactly, delegate someone to fill in the results tracking task) Write down what did and didn’t worked out. Correct. Repeat.

7. Give it time

Know it, is not gonna happen overnight. The fairy-tale, wonderland recipes out there of  ” how to get 100.000 followers in one month” are just about that: fairy-tale. It takes time, perseverance and at least few downhearted results before your work will show some results. But you are on the right track. Some people will get interest in you, your ideas, your business. Then more people. Then…

Then the tricky part starts. How to keep your followers interested in your blog/business/page. But about this in a future post. Stay tuned.

In the meantime remember:

  • Show up consistently. Show up and show up often.
  • Get in the trenchers with people. Find common ground. Show people glimpses into your life. Keep it pretty.
  • Create a sense of community. Engage people with questions.
  • Tell them why you rock.

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