How to …Guerrilla Gardening- From Seed Bombs to Plantable Product Packages.


Gardening has gone guerilla – You’ve seen them, you may have looked away, but you’ve seen them. Those forgotten areas of the estate, left to fall apart and fall into disrepair. The municipal scrubland where nothing can grow… Or can it?

Yes, you read that right Guerrilla Gardening is a thing now.

The metropolitan areas grow into sprawling concrete jungles and the environmental activists have been fighting back with guerrilla gardening initiatives. These innovations aim to infuse vegetables, plants and other greenery into urban landscape.

Guerrilla gardening innovations range widely in scope, but all of them are enormously creative. They include seed bombs that can be dropped or thrown, plantable packaging and greeting cards that turn litter into landscapes, and informal art installations that turn abandoned furniture or concrete cracks into planters.

The rise of environmentalism has only fueled guerrilla gardening; prospective activists are improving their cities for aesthetic and environmental purposes.

Here are some wonderful, inventive ideas to add greens to your apartment, city and the world itself.

urban gardensLiving Wall Planters

It is a very good idea, but as with most pioneering inventors, the first concept was by no means the best one.

The cedar wood frame is packed with a metallic grid of pockets for the soil and plant roots to sit in, which allows for the plants to sit upright on the wall. Hidden from view is a basic watering and reservoir system that slowly feeds the plants and ensures there are no leakages.

In recent years though the options are various and the handy-word aka the frame got much improved.

 Plantable Produce Packaging

plantable products packages

With an aim to help the environment, and to encourage the practice of home gardening, these Vegetable Labels by Ben Huttly succeed in a third way that makes them all the more irresistible. Using a laser printer with the intent of avoiding harmful inks, the designer has executed remarkably attractive tags that make veggies look all the more enticing.

The intention of this graphic design challenge was to provide produce with tags that eliminate waste. The twine is 100% recyclable natural cotton, while the paper tabs are 100% biodegradable as well, and made from the seeds of the food to which they’re attached.

Grenade Seed Bombs

grenade seed bombs

These amazing seed bombs are the perfecting gardening tool for those who need some gardening incentive. The grenade seed bomb actually explodes in slow motion and is made up of compost, mud and seeds which dissolve and colonize at the bomb site.

The seed bomb by SuckUK actually explodes, shattering the outside shell and leaving a pretty seedling ready for some sun and growth.

The seed bombs come in ryegrass, poppy and buttercup, so you can pick which plants you’d like to have explode in your backyard.

Seeds embeded box

Seed-Embedded Packaging

The Life Box by Paul Stamets is a cardboard box that has seeds embedded within the cardboard. Once you’re finished using the Life Box, just chuck it in the backyard to grow a tree.

The amazing Life Box does not cost extra to ship, and the seeds within the box have been approved by the Department of Agriculture in both the US and Canada.

Plantable Greeting Cards

seed cards

Every year, millions of greeting cards find their way into landfills, but these Botanical Paperworks cards sidestep that unfortunate fact by being plantable once they’ve served their original purpose.

Because they contain wildflower seeds, these cheerful and colorful cards help contribute to a greener planet while also promoting a healthy environment for bees and other important insects. On top of all that, the cards themselves are also made entirely for recycled consumer waste.

mossy maze

Mossy Maze Installations

Designed by PUSHAK, ‘Moss Your City’ is located in London, England. Although not an actual maze, as my title suggests, you could certainly get lost in this installation. The main purpose of ‘Moss Your City’ is to promote guerrilla gardens around the world.

‘Moss Your City’ is an indoor art initiative that features completely moss-covered structures. The goal is to encourage citizens to use the natural resources that they have available to them in order to create a greener living space.

Horticulture Matchbooks


If your child would rather play in the grass than help you plant a flower, it might be time for a Matchstick Garden set. The Matchstick Garden sets are eco-friendly and biodegradable matchbooks that have seeds embedded into the tip of each match for easy planting in your garden or plant pot.

Each Matchstick Garden set includes ten matchsticks and there are four different Matchstick

Garden sets for your little one to collect and harvest including Mixed Herbs, Wildflowers, Italian Garden, and Mixed Greens. I’m sure any kid would be enticed (it is, after all, a chance to play with matches).

Guerilla Gardening Toolswildflower-seed-bombs

The concept behind Wildflower Seed Bombs was to revive neglected public spaces into impromptu green gardens. The guerilla gardening movement has certainly caught on, with seed bombs enabling growth in hard-to-reach places. When thrown, they explode to release compost and seeds that should blossom into stunning flowers.

The Wildflower Seed Bombs’ pouches make it easier than ever to green your local urban space or personal backyard garden.

Implications – As more and more societies today are becoming urbanized, a large number of individuals are feeling less connected to nature and the planet. Often these individuals lack the time and financial means to rebuild their weakening relationship with the great outdoors. Businesses will benefit tremendously by providing such customers with products that enable them to easily incorporate nature back into their busy lifestyles.

Garden Bon Bonsgarden bon bons

Garden Bon Bons aren’t eatable, they’re plantable. The garden truffles are actually seed balls cleverly disguised as chocolate. The handcrafted balls of clay, organic compost, and seeds are an old-fashioned way to plant seeds. They’ll keep up to a couple of years, but the seeds are most viable if planted within a few months of receipt.

Seed balls or seed bombs, by design, don’t need any special skill to plant. The compost gives the seeds nutrients and the clay holds the ball together and provides a barrier to insects.


Seedy Candy Machines

seed bombs machinesWe need more concepts like Project GreenAid. Creative, workable and overall ingenious, it is sure to spur on a whole new environmental movement that is more for fun’s sake that for Mother Nature’s.

Created by CommonStudio, Project GreenAid involves strategically placed vintage candy machines that dispense ‘seed bombs,’ which are “mixture of clay, compost, and seeds,” according to PSFK. Suited to the area it occupies, CommonStudio hopes that it will make guerrilla gardening more accessible.




Handheld Garden Launchers

Seedbomb slingshots are strategically smart gifts for hardcore guerrilla gardeners.Just load these seedbomb slingshots with seedbombs and launch them into patches of bare earth on abandoned city lots during winter: You will be responsible for a plethora of beautiful blooms once spring arrives.



Crowdsourced Gardening


Riding the emerging trend in the UK for the redevelopment of local community ties and organic home grown food, the Landshare movement aims to cover all bases with a simple but effective concept; by putting people with land who want to share it in touch with other people that want to grow stuff.

The sharing of communal resources and collaboration to achieve a greater good are now being amplified and promoted through 21st Century Web 2.0 technology, with Facebook, YouTube and supporting blogs.

The Landshare sign-up URL offers location based look-up to put you in touch with fellow land-sharers and the community spirit is strengthened with user forums sharing insights and information on relevant subjects.

Courtesy to

Regardless if you are pro or against the mischievous guerrilla gardeners that want to beautify the world, one thing is undeniable: adding green to a concrete jungle is never a bad idea.

What is your opinion on guerrilla gardening? Have you used any of the products listed above? Were they successful?



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