Who we are?

Lavinia Daraban &                               Patrick Healy

CEO BearAble Marketing                 CEO Ring of Kerry Repairs.

BearAble Marketing idea was established about four years ago, after a volunteering work for a well known juice brand. The marketing for a certain brand product was Guerrilla Marketing based. It was the first time I ever come across that term.

Since then I expanded my knowledge by attending in 2012 to a Guerrilla Marketing course held in Switzerland.  And working, researching and constantly learning about the rapid changes in marketing and technological world.

As off two years ago I become partner in life and business with one of the brainy heads of Ireland. More oriented on the hardware and electrical/technological side of the business, Patrick is the perfect partner. (And one wonderful father.)

What we do?

  • Software solutions
  • Multi-media presentations
  • Graphics and web design solutions
  • Content management
  • Social Media presentation and updates
  • E-shop creation and data management
  • Computers repairs, Windows upgrades
  • Tablets and Smartphones check and repairs
  • Electronics fixing

Contact us for personalized, detailed offer.

+35383 475 3672 (Lavinia) or   +353868461697 (Patrick)

We believe there is a solution for every (tech) problem. We can help fix it. So your life can get a little easier.